Fiona Christian

After leaving school in 1979 I trained as a graphic artist and worked in a photographic studio, where I learned the art of photography. After several years I left the industry and went into exhibition floristry. During this time, I took up wildlife photography as a hobby and became exhibition organiser of the Wildlife Art Society whose annual exhibition was held at Westminster Galleries. Pressures of work meant that my photography gradually became sidelined and until discovering Hipstamatic, I hadn’t taken a ‘proper’ photo for over 10 years. I worked in an art gallery for many years, gilding and painting frames for artists. I now run my own interior decorating business with my husband, Carl.

An eye for detail has been the only constant in my working career and is something I strive to achieve in my photographs. I love looking for hidden beauty in the ordinary objects of everyday life and am almost constantly looking for new ways to see things and record them ‘Hipsta style’. My work has recently been selected to hang in exhibitions as far afield as Las Vegas and Atlanta.

Hipstamatic is an iphone app that enables the photographer to use different films and lenses to create different effects. This gives a retro feel to the images by using a square format with a border, just like they used to have in the ‘good old days’.

All of my images are taken using an iphone. I love the immediacy of it. Too many times in the past, I’ve seen something worth photographing but not had a camera with me.
Not any more…

The possibilities are endless and I’m excited!!

Fiona is exhibiting at Wealden Skills Centre

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