Lutzie Polakova

I design and create macrame knotted jewellery to manifest my personal sensitivity about colour, beauty and individuality.

Each piece is an original statement of my vision in a particular moment influenced by different ways of inspiration, such as nature, music, people and style.

I admire the uniqueness that each model brings, when it is expanding and developing in my hands. My designs have been elaborating into much more intricate knotting patterns, combining the use of Brazilian waxed thread, beads, semi precious stones, crystals and shells.

The collection branches out into various forms of accessories, consisting of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hand and foot jewels and decorating of clothing, which allows my customers to wear and enjoy the unique jewellery style on any occasion.

I value receiving feedback from people connecting with my work.

Lutzie is exhibiting at Ward Homes

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