Sylvia Hassell

Sylvia is one of the six FrockArt artists exhibiting at the beautiful Farley Barn Gallery.

“My work is an eclectic mix of subjects ranging from atmospheric seascapes and landscapes painted in oils to semi abstract flowers using the vibrant colours of acrylic ink and gouache.

The seascapes and landscapes are influenced mainly from my childhood in Kent. The vast and sometimes bleak expanses of Dungeness are an artists dream.  Later in life the Sussex coastline became a fascination with the chalk cliffs and rolling hills just waiting to be painted.

Sometimes I work with the inspiration of the moment, my aim is to develop new ideas and to keep the work fresh and hopefully exciting.

To the other extreme I also enjoy my illustrative side which reflects my earlier training.  In 2001 I graduated from the University of Brighton with an Honours Degree in Illustration.   This is evident with my quirky, funky chicken collection.  The chickens have been shown at the annual ‘Secret Postcard’ exhibition at the Royal College of Art, London.  This is a yearly event and has resulted in several commissions.

For a number of years I have designed the promotional flyers and posters for exhibitions and events for art groups. The promotional work this year will be for the Uckfield Festival where the group ‘FrockArt’ will be exhibiting in the wonderful Farley’s Barn in Chiddingly.  Later in September the group will be in The Green Tree Gallery at Borde Hill, Haywards Heath.

For the last twenty years I have sold and exhibited my work throughout the country both independently and as a member of two art groups. The venues have included the prestigious Burlington Arcade, Piccadilly, the Bentlif Museum and Gallery in Maidstone and the Garret Gallery in Tenterden.  My first solo exhibition was at Graham Steven’s Gallery in East Grinstead in 2008.”

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