Keith Pettit

Anne of Cleves House: The ancient house in the County town of Lewes- part of the divorce settlement between Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves. The view was inspired by watching the rooks and Jackdaws of my village- I am fascinated by these parallel communities mirroring our own.

Arrivals: The Brighton Pavilion from one of our heralds of spring, the swallow’s perspective.

Marbled White: Inspired by a couple of walks on the beautiful South Downs near to me. 2013 was a remarkable year for butterfly’s and one walk was accompanied by huge amounts of Marble Whites. This lovely sinewy path climbs Windover Hill from the west- I was struck by the coil of barbed wire around the weathered chestnut fence post- which I felt contrasted with the fragility of the butterfly.

Michelham Priory: A gatehouse guarding a bridge over a moat fed by the River Cuckmere surrounding a beautiful 11c. priory nestled in the Sussex Weald.

Keith Pettit is an artist, designer, sculptor, wood engraver and sign writer. An incredibly accomplished artist on so many levels who has achieved both critical and commercial success. Keith started his creative journey as a sign maker creating pub signage and developing his craft to include graphic design but focusing on traditional practices. This niche enabled him to secure commissions from brands including Greene King, Marco Pierre White’s Wheelers Inns and Gordon Ramsey’s TV show ‘Kitchen Nightmares’. Since his early signage days Keith has gone on to create an exceptional body of work that includes site specific sculptures, wood engravings that are simply beautiful and the very unique and dramatic bonfire sculptures that need to be seen to be believed. It was his bonfire sculptures that caused Keith to gain a cult following and after creating the spectacular ‘Britannia’ for the Queens Jubilee was invited to tea with the Queen herself.

Whatever Keith turns his hands to there is an obvious love for the materials he uses, the landscape and his local community. His memorial to the Elm Tree is a perfect example of this, Keith is creating work that is not only bold, beautiful and magnificent in scale he is also raising awareness of this special and endangered tree building support for its continued protection.

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