Philomena Harmsworth

Harveys Brewery, Lewes

66 x 81 cm
Oil on Canvas
£380 BUT- (note, this painting will be exhibited at the Farley Farm House exhibition, so painting will not be available until mid August)

“Philomena At Home with the Surrealists”

The painter Philomena Harmsworth had her first ìawestruck about a piece of artî moment at the age of 17, looking in a school textbook at the
collection of sculpture in the garden of Farley Farm House, Home of the Surrealists. She realised that she was looking at something that she did not
fully understand, and was deeply moved by.

It is fitting therefore that she is now holding an exhibition of her own at Farley Farm House in August. It took until last year for her to completely
understand the sculptures. When she was touring the house and garden in preparation for her exhibition, she was confronted by the actual
sculptures, and suddenly had an epiphany. She saw the Penrose enjoyment of life.

The paintings in the exhibition are a Celebration of Sussex, and Sussexís Celebrations. In particular the Fire Festivals ñ Bonfire Night and May Day ñ
and the links and the differences between them. They are both about ritual, fire and dressing up. But one is more about destruction and death of the
old year, and the other about birth and the creation of the new. The opposing imagery also links into her application of paint, a lot of layers of
existence go into the paintings ñ the actual time taken, her moods, the weather (shadowy colours come out on overcast days), and mark-making

The exhibition starts on August 3rd and runs until September 21st at Farley Farm House. Open Sundays 10-4.30.

Also look out for Philomena in September’s edition of Sussex Life Magazine: she is Artist in Residence
T: 07740 309607
Tw: philomenaartist



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