Allison Day

Whilst living hand to mouth as a young artist and working on illustrations for a pub in south London, I was asked to do a reproduction of a 17th Century Dutch floral painting for one of the pub’s customers.? One repro job followed another and over the years I’ve (just!) supported myself by reproducing paintings from the Renaissance to the Impressionists for clients who wanted to keep their original painting safe.? I thought I’d been sidetracked from proper art but now realise it was a great learning curve.

I fell in love with Renaissance methods of painting, and my new works incorporate old painting techniques with current ideas.? I now have work in private collections all over the world.? I paint landscapes, people, animals – whatever inspires.? Each subject has its roots in history – springing from soil which is ancient and profound; roots that it, and all of us, are part of.? I try to convey this through my work.

I was born in London and my soul is urban. My heart is rural. My work reflects both.

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