Harpinder Bilkhu

“I am blessed with the name Harpinder which carries the energy of the symbolism of the Harp. As I grow on my spiritual journey, the energies and higher beings guide me through my art work as my gifts and talents come through the inter –dimensional frequency of the constellation of Lyra. Thus Lyran Arts was born.

Since my childhood I have always had a passion to be creative, It wasn’t until a few years back when I had an awakening from spirit to use my creative gifts and talents to channel and anchor in light into my work and be of a service to humanity through my work.

My work reflects the learning curves that I have had in my ascension journey, the work channels in the frequencies and energy from Spirit. I use crystals to enhance the energies of my paintings and I would like to share these experiences through my work and hope that people can enjoy and benefit from having my work around them and their space. “

Commissioned work taken.

Website: lyranarts.com
To contact Harpinder: lyranarts@gmail.com

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