Lee Miller

Picasso, Villa la Californie, Cannes, France 1957 by Lee Miller (P1001)

Picasso loved to clown around in masks and hats, and piled up on a sideboard in front of a large mirror at his home in Villa La Californie he had a whole range of disguises from clown to toreador. Visitors were often invited to select a new identity. Lee Miller and her husband Roland Penrose made many visits to Picasso who was a friend of them both from the 1930ís. Many details seen in the background can be found in Picassoís painting from this period.

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Lee Miller (1907-1977)

Born in Poughkeepsie, New York began her photographic career as a top fashion model for American Vogue and Vanity Fair. In 1929 she became the lover, pupil and collaborator of the Surrealist photographer Man Ray in Paris and later ran her own studio there and in New York. Her Surrealist images along with her pack shots, portraits and extraordinary WWII combat photographs have earned her a key place in the history of art.

Lee Miller and her husband Roland Penrose came to live in Farley Farm House, Chiddingly in 1949 and for the thirty five years that followed they built up a collection of contemporary art treasures, many of which were created by their friends and visitors including Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, Max Ernst, Paul …luard and Joan MirÛ. The work of these and numerous others are exhibited in the house alongside those of Penrose and Miller giving the visitor a fascinating look into the world of the Surrealists.

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