Zed Talijan

Born 1961 and raised in former Yugoslavia Zed completed his studies in Political Sciences at the University of Sarajevo.

He worked as a journalist before moving to France where he lived and worked for a period of time. For the past 15 years he has settled down in West Sussex where he discovered a need to paint and embarked on a journey which took him to exhibiting and selling his work in the UK and some European countries.

The influence of visits to different countries has provoked the use of colour, shapes and materials, which are embraced eagerly and without limitations. Zed works with acrylics and likes introducing other materials to create mixed media artwork.

“In my work, I like to look for the point where abstracts and realities meet. In that undefined space is created a visual freedom that plays between different interpretations. That stillness is very often awakened with the movement of smoke, cloud and steam, which is a recognized motif in my work.”

“I’m very proud, as a self taught artist, to be represented in a number of independent galleries across the UK.”

See Zed’s website: zedzedart.co.uk
To contact Zed: zdravico@zedzedart.co.uk

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