Oyetunde, Sarah


New Moon

As a self-taught artist Sarah Oyetunde makes her own rules, combining varied media, she creates pieces that grow and take on their own stories. Inspired by nature, the patterns and shapes found in our organic environment and her interest in folk lore and fairy tale, her works are translations of her intuitive sense of the world. Her art is often described as touching something deep within the viewer as well as being a visual feast.


In the Night Garden

Sarah creates paintings and mandala drawings as her main body of work and most of her images are available as archival quality prints and gorgeous art cards.



Sarah’s work has sold to customers all over the globe, with many people collecting her work, she likes to challenge herself and develop her style as she works. She creates bespoke Art and Life Path Mandalas for customers wishing to mark an occasion or date, with something personalised and she is always interested in commissions, as she loves the opportunity to tailor her style to someone else’s wishes.


Spring Moon Phases, Detail

As a qualified Person Centred Counsellor/Art Therapist and a professional artist, Sarah combines her experience and creativity to facilitate Wellbeing workshops, talks and groups.

Email: Info@so-art.com
Web: www.so-art.com
Facebook: @SOArtpage
Twitter: @so_artontwit
Art Finder Shop: https://www.artfinder.com/so-art

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