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Welcome to PC Home & Office, an independent computer shop based in Uckfield High Street, East Sussex. We’ve been established since 2001.

We are aware of our online competition and for this reason we are very competitive on pricing. Not only are we competitive but we also provide first class, one to one customer service that you don’t find in larger chain stores. This helps us to build a rapport with our customers allowing us to understand their current needs and future requirements.

We supply both new and pre-owned hardware, ranging from entry-level pre-owned Refurbished laptops to brand new iMacs. We find out what you currently use your machine for and what you can see yourself using it for in several years down the line. This way we are able to provide you with a unit that meets both your requirements and budget.

We are one of the few retailers with a presence on the High Street who sell pre-owned Refurbished Apple hardware; this is due to our partnership with an IT asset recycling company. This allows us to supply a large range of products including, Refurbished iMacs, MacBook’s, Pro’s, Air’s, Mac Mini’s and iPad’s at competitive prices.


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